Looking For Alaska Book Review BY CHLOE

Looking For Alaska, by John Green (published in 2005)

Miles “Pudge” Halter, a rising 11th grader who loves biographies and last words, made the decision to leave his mundane life in Florida and go to Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama to seek the Great Perhaps. Upon arriving at Culver Creek, he met trustworthy friends who taught him the art of smoking, breaking rules, and the importance of loyalty. However, things were not always clear at Culver Creek, and as time went on, Pudge came to realize that all the mysteries ended up centering around this fascinating figure he had quickly fallen in love with: the sexy, witty, funny, moody, self-destructive Alaska Young. After THE incident, and after some further investigation with his friends, Pudge finally accepted the fact that he could never know everything, and that it did not really matter. There are things that matter so much more. And that led him to what he was looking for: the Great Perhaps.

I really like this book. It might appear a little boring in the beginning, but it’s worth it for all the exciting action later in the book. I also like the distinct personalities of the characters. Above all, I like how the book emphasizes the importance of loyalty, friendship, and love, especially the platonic type. The ways these characters interact with each other are amazing.

Some parts of this book I don’t like are, like I said earlier, there isn’t really much going on in the beginning, and getting to the end might need some persistence. Above are my thoughts on Looking For Alaska. It’s honestly a great book. Read it. You won’t regret it.